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David demonstrating blacksmitihing 1996
Scan the short descriptions of the following blacksmith related tools and products. For further information on each just click on the links. If you have questions about one of the products just email me, but allow several days for me to get back to you.

Please note all prices are subject to HST (13%).

Item #1Blacksmith Gas Forge Construction

Just Released!
Gas Forge Construction Manual
This 83 page ebook covers construction of the above Atmospheric pipe forge and a bonus square box blower forge. There are over 90 detailed pictures showing every step of the process of construction. The book is in PDF format so you can easily print off pages to use in your shop. Click the above link for more details.

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$25.00 US
Members Price $20.00 US

                                Air Hammer / Power Hammer Item#2
75 lb Air Hammer.
This air hammer is ideal for the smith that works in a one person shop and wants to take smithing to the next level, with bigger stock sizes and easier production. For more details click on the above link for the Air Hammer Page.

$6000.00 CND plus taxes (price subject to change depending on parts prices).

Item #3
Gas Forge Construction

Gas Forge Construction Video dvd.
Learn the theory and practice of gas forge making. 2 hours 16 minutes long. Video includes safety precautions, suppliers, parts list, chamber construction, burner construction, orifice construction, insulating, coating, tuning the burner, and initial firing. Click the link to head to the educational video page.

Please note I have suspended sales of the dvd until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Regular Price $25.00 CAD plus $10.00 shipping.
Members Price $20.00 CAD plus $10.00 shipping.
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Item #4 a
                                                      Gas Forge

Atmospheric Gas Forge.
I would consider it a starter forge. You will be amazed at how much work you can do in it. Please note this is an unrated propane appliance and as such you use it completely at your own risk! The interior of the forge chamber is 12 inches long and 8 inches in diameter. The forge includes chamber, burner, hose, and regulator. This is the updated version and has insulated hinged doors. You will have to supply a propane tank. A 20 lb barbeque tank lasts about 8 hours. More convenient is a 40 lb propane tank.

Temporarily unavailable.
(The forge is heavy so it is best if you can pick it up at my shop)
Please Email me for availability and and any shipping quotes.

Item #4 b
                                                          Forge with
Blower Gas Forge
This forge has the same chamber construction as the above atmospheric forge but has the addition of a blower and gate valve system for air control. Please note this is an unrated propane appliance and as such you use it completely at your own risk! The forge includes chamber, burner, blower, gate valve, hose and regulator.You will have to supply a propane tank. A 20 lb barbeque tank lasts about 8 hours. More convenient is a 40 lb tank.

Temporarily unavailable.
The forge is heavy so it is best if you can pick it up.
Please Email me for availability and any shipping quotes.

Item #5a
                                                          Burner for
                                                          Blacksmith Gas

Gas Forge Atmospheric Burner.
This is the same burner used in the above forge. If you wish to create your own chamber then 1 or 2 of these burners could be ideal for you. The burner comes with nozzel, orifice, ball valve, and reverse thread acetylene fitting. It is tuned and ready to go.
The burner comes in a  100,000 btu size.  This burner is suitable for forges up to 340 cubic inches interior space.
Pease note this is an unrated propane appliance and as such you use it completely at your own risk! You will have to supply hose and regulator, and propane tank.

Temporarily Unavailable
Please Email me for availability and any shipping quotes.

Item #5 b
                                                          Burner for
                                                          Blacksmith Gas
Blower Burner
Ther burner includes burner nozzel, orifice, ball valve, acetylene reverse flare fitting, gate valve, 110 volt blower. Ready to be added to your constructed chamber. Please note this is an unrated propane appliance and as such you use it completely at your own risk! This is 100,000 BTU burner and is suitable for forges with a max interior volume of 340 cubic inches.
Tomporarily Unavailable
Please Email me for availability and any shipping quotes.

Item #6

                                                      Student Using the
                                                      air hammer
Blacksmithing Courses.
Basic Blacksmithing Class, Intermediate, Knife Making, Gas Forge Construction, etc. Most course are spread over a weekend. Specialty courses are available in one or two day formats. Click on the link for more information prices and schedule.

Regular Price $500.00 CND Includes HST
Member's Price $480.00 CND Includes HST.
Speciality Courses added cost.

Item #7
                                                      of Blacksmithing
                                                      E-book. Basic
                                                      guide to

Fundamentals of Blacksmithing Ebook
I have Just Released this new book!
If you would like more information about this book, which you can download in pdf format.
Click Here 

Regular Price $28.00 Us
Members Price $19.97 US

Item #8
                                                          MarkewitzDarrell Markewitz is a long time friend and an excellent smith. Darrell has developed a series of videos that compliment my educational dvds and manuals.  His videos include:
Introduction to Blacksmithing, Historic Blade Smithing, and Forging the Viking Age. For more information click on the link and you will be taken to his products. Please note if you purchase one of these videos you will be dealing with The Wareham Forge. Any questions should be sent to Darrell. Darrell has been an educator for many years and his videos are worth investigating.

Item #9
Forge Work by Wlliam Ilgen
copyright 1912

This is a 236 page ebook written in 1912 as a course of study for manual training in highschool. The book concentrates on forgeing practices, skills and tools. It is very much a how to book. The second half of the book is dedicated to the steel making industry at this time. Although dated there is much useful information in the book. A word of caution some of the descriptions can be misleading from a modern perspective (eg naming of the colors of steel). Please use the information with care. We have learned alot about the dangers in this craft that were not important in 1912.
The book has been scanned in page by page so you will find blank pages etc. It is in pdf format so you will need Adobe reader to view it. The file is 22 Mb. On dial up it takes close to 2 hours to download. On highspeed it takes perhaps 5 minutes. Click on either the Buy Now button or the Members Price to pay.

Regular Price $10.00 US

Members Price $7.00 US Click Here

Item #10
By David Robertson
How to be
                                                          Successful at
                                                          Your Craft
                                                          Business cover
                                                          image. This ebook is not directly related to blacksmithing but is what I have learned over the years in the craft business. It is appropriate for all crafts and describes how I market my wares, as well as all the hidden day to day chores of my business. It applies to anyone who wants to make an income from their craft
The ebook may be purchased for the regular price of $40.00 Through the extra information link above or if you are a member  you may purchase for $20.00 through the membership discount area. 50% savings!

Item #11
Welding Secrets Revealed $37.77
Is the best source for welding information I have come across. It is over 1200 pages long with over 600 pages of text and over 500 pages of photos and diagrams.
The price of $37.77 is paltry compared to the actual information you get on all facets of welding.
Click on Welding Secrets Revealed for more information .

Item #12
75 LB Air
                                                        Hammer Plans,
                                                        Manual.75 LB Air Hammer Construction Manual | Plans
This downloadable ebook details the plans needed for constructing your own Air Hammer. You can save several thousand $ dollars by building your own blacksmith power hammer. This machine has saved me countless hours of work and has opened amazing possibilities for forging the steel.

For more information on what is included in this manual click on the blue title link above.

Regular Price $47.00 US
Members Price $37.00 US

Item 13
Variable Speed Knife 2 x 72 Belt Grinder / Sander

This is a work horse for the serious knife maker. The variable speed allows you to work effectively on softer materials such as wood, bone, and plastics for handle material. Slow belts speeds prevent burning, or melting of the softer materials. Higher speeds for moving the metal the fastest. The 2 inch by 72 inch belt is the standard for Knife Making and allows the purchase of many off the shelf high quality belts. 220 volts.

Item 14
Kalamazoo 2 x 48 Knife Makers Belt Sander
This is the more economical belt sander for knife making if you are just getting started. It is 110 volt instead of the 220 volts in the above Belt Grinder. You can find a reasonable assortment of grit sizes. A compact sturdy tool. 1/2 hp single phase.

Item 15
Build Your Own  Workshop
Plans $47.00

A number of years back I built a 20 x 20 addition on the back of my previous workshop. I basically just went from a plan in my head. Sample Shed
                                                        DetailBlacksmith right, handy, able to figure things out on the fly. Well it worked but it would have been a whole lot easier if I had some plans to follow.

If you have taken up blacksmithing and find that you need a structure from shed size to a 50 by 60 foot building for a large shop this ebook has 1200 different plans for you to work from. If you are building a structure take a few moments and see what Ryan Henderson has to offer in his ebook.

Just Click on 1200 Shed Plans  to get more information.

Item 16 a,b,c,d
These Items are often purchased together

The stainless steel hose and regulator are 1/4 inch npt ports. You will have to buy two 1/4 inch by 2 inch long, npt black pipe nipples to attach to your forge at your local hardware store. Use good propane rated pipe dope or propane rated T-tape. I have been using this style of regulator on my forges for over 30 years. It is robust and designed for industrial use. You can control the pressure precisely giving you repeatable forge temperatures. Very important when forge welding or heat treating knives.

Just click on the images for details.

Item 17 a
US Solid 15 Kw Induction Forge

For Details just click on the above image.

This is the standard induction forge that blacksmiths have been using recently. If you are tired of lugging in propane tanks or bags of coal this may be an option for you. Running off 220 volts and 40 to 70 amps it is almost as simple as plugging in and adding a cooling system and you are ready to forge. A win for the environment as you are not using any fossil fuels, just electricity.

The big bonus is in the efficiency of use as the steel heats much faster than using conventional forges. More hammering time. You are limited by the size of the coil to what size and shape of steel you can heat. Great for production work. Also in the summer there is almost no radiant heat off the machine, just the hot bar you are working on. For blacksmiths like working in air conditioned comfort!

Derek Melton has a very good article on his induction forge and it is worth reading before you buy one. Click here for Derek Melton Forge Article He does discuss the US solid forge a bit.

Item 17 b
US Solid 25 L TIG Cooler

For details just click on the above image

The matched TIG water cooler for the above induction forge. The induction forge requires constant cool water circulating through the coils. There are several ways of doing this, but the most self contained is using a cooling system similar to the TIG cooler.

Item 18
Learn How To make Your Own Blacksmith Tongs Manual
By David Robertson

                                                          Tongs in
                                                          EbookClick above title to be taken to the information page.

Tongs are a vital tool for the blacksmith shop. You can make your own with very little cost. This step by step manual covers 6 different styles of Tongs in detail. More shapes are covered in the Appendix.

                                                          tongs from the
                                                          ebook.Total pages in this ebook is 102 and is packed with pictures.

Shade 3 Clip on IR and UV Filters Safety glasses

These are an economical Clip On Safety filter glasses that will fit most perscription and clear safety glasses. Suitable for high temperature  forge work such as forge welding. Although there is a color shift with the green tint I found it was pretty quick getting use to the new color range. I find them much cooler on the eyes than my usual rose didymium. I recommend using them for all  your forge work.

Just click on the image above for pricing information, or to purchase. These are a very economical solution for protection in the blacksmith shop.

Item 20
Dayton High Temperature Blower, 115 Volt, 130 CFM
This blower puts out adequate cfm for the gas forges described in my Gas Forge Construction Manual (item 1 above) It also has a separate cooling fan to help prolong the life of the motor. It has a mounting flange but you will have to construct a receiving flange and possibly a mounting bracket.

Item 21
Grizzly Knife Belt Sander / Buffer 
The Grizzly Belt Sander is one of the lowest cost 2 inch by 72 inch belt sanders on the market. I had opportunity to try one out when I was at New York State Designer Blacksmiths meeting. It ran almost silently and had a very smooth operation. It takes a bit to get the tracking just right but after, it is easy to use.

I built my belt sander years ago and looking back I would have been much further ahead to buy this tool if I had known about it. The only advantage with the one I built is that it has a 1.5 HP motor.

Item 23
Smith Soldering Brazing Gas Saver Cutting Torch WDW101 Acetylene
Gas Saver
 If  you do a lot of torch work this Gas Saver will pay for itself  in saved fuel and oxygen many times over. It is designed to shut off the flow of fuel and oxygen when you hang the torch up on the  hook. There is a pilot light  that allows quick ignition with keeping the same settings just by lifting the torch then moving the nozel to the pilot light. Then you are back into business. Very useful  in operations requiring a lot of moving and adjustments then repeated heating.

Item 24
Smith Flashback Arrestors Cutting Torch Mount Set H743
Flash Back Arrestor

An ounce of prevention is worth a lb of cure!. These flashback arrestors prevent a torch blowing up if there is a plugged tip and combustion starts inside an heads back to the hoses. I have had a torch that started inertanl combustion. Very scary and very hot in the hand. I have seen a torch that blew up  from the gasses being forced back. Fortunately I was not holding it. These two units mount on the torch body on the acetelyne line and the oxygen line.

 Item 25
Peddinghaus 77 lbs Anvil
Peddinghaus makes excellent quality tools. This 77 lb anvil is ideal for starting out in blacksmithing. If you are interested in Knife Making it may be all the anvil you ever need. Make sure you mount it well on a stump or stand as this can effectively add to the mass of the anvil if it is well secured.

Item 26
Peddinghaus 275 lbs Blacksmith Anvil
 This is a heavy duty anvil for the most demanding shop. If you are looking at architechtural work or sculptural work this would be an ideal anvil. Larger mass means you can effectively work larger bar sizes. Small items such as knives can be worked easily on a big anvil especially with the flat horn.

Item 27
Sweddish Pattern Cross Peen blacksmith hammer 2 lbs (990 g)
 This is an excellent hammer for blacksmithing or blade smithing. Wood handle for the flexibility of carving it to fit your own hand. This size of hammer I use in the shop for general detail work. Lots of reach on the cross peen.

Item 28
Sweddish Pattern Cross Peen blacksmith hammer 3.3 lbs (1500 g)
 Same pattern as above but with an extra 1.3 lb of weight for serious moving of hot metal.

Item 29

Just click on the image above for details.

This is a high temperature infrared thermometer. It will reach well above the quench temperature of most blade steels. It will also work in casting applications as well. I bought this for heat treating S35VN stainless steel and have been quite pleased with the operation. I do find the laser beam is a touch off targeting. I would practice with mild steel to make sure your targeting is accurate. Blades are pretty small and you want to make sure you are reading the right area.

2732 Deg F is well above the melting point of steel. You could use this for checking forge welding temps although I have not done this yet.

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