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David Drawing out Tongs   Assorted Tongs

My name is David Robertson and I have been blacksmithing for over 20 years now. (You can tell by the grey hair in the photo above!)

I am sure that if you have been doing any blacksmithing you have figured out that Tongs are a vital tool that you may use everyday.

When people start out they often struggle to make their first pair of tongs. They are not sure of the steps or even some times not sure how the finished product should look. 

To make things even more difficult there is a whole range of styles that are on the market. 

Often people starting out ask:

  • What Shape Should I Make My First Pair of Tongs?
  • What size stock?
  • I am Left Handed. Does that make a difference?
  • What shape jaws are best?
  • How long should my handles be?
  • What is the fastest way to make tongs since I need them right now?
In this Ebook I have covered all these questions and many more. Tongs are a great project but can be challenging when you start out. Remember part of the beauty with being a blacksmith is making your own tools.

There is always a joy when I can make an useful tool for very little money and have it in really just a few minutes instead of waiting for shipping, or paying duty or taxes on purchased items.

By building your own tongs you can get exactly the size, weight, and shape that you are looking for.

You will also have no fear of re-working them for different tasks. I will regularily modify the jaw shape or sizing on a pair tongs if that fits the job.

So What's Actually in the Ebook?

The actual ebook part is 33 pages long and covers:
  • Traditional Tongs
  • Bolt Head Tongs
  • Goose Neck Tongs
  • Box Jaw Tongs
  • Quick Tongs
  • Fabricated Tongs
There is also an Appendix that is an extra 69 pages long packed with close up photos of the various processes and tools that I use to make the tongs shown in the Ebook.

The Appendix also has photos of the various jaw styles that I regularily use in my shop. Most of these once you see the photo it is quite self explanatory the changes in construction to create the specific jaw types.

How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?

Good question.
Members price of $15.00 
price of $20.00.
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Photos of some of the styles of Tongs covered in the ebook.
Goose Neck Tongs
Goose Neck Tongs

Box jaw Tongs
Box Jaw Tongs

Traditional tongs
Traditional Tongs

Bolt Head Tongs for 1/2 inch (12 mm)
Bolt Head Tongs for 1/2 inch (12 mm)

How To Purchase

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David Robertson
Artist Blacksmith

Good Smithing!
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Don't Worry It Will Get Sorted Out!


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