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At a recent Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association event I was asked to put some more information about the air hammer I have for sale on my web site. The following gives a general overview but I also welcome specific questions as well.

This air hammer has become an essential tool in my shop. I use it almost everyday for everything from hot punching to drawing out to texturing raw steel.
In my opinion any shop that is trying to make a living from blacksmithing needs an air hammer. It certainly increases the stock size that you can work with but it also has the control to work the smaller sizes without destroying them.

I regularly will draw out 1/4 round bar on my hammer. Your first response is probably "Lazy!" Well yes and no. If in a day I have 100 pieces of 1/4 round to point I can do this in half the time with no fatigue!
Suddenly I can work longer, produce more and maintain the same control. Who wouldn't use it? What is the old saying?

Work Smarter not Harder!

I invite you to carefully examine the information below and check other competitors. We all offer different features. Please keep in mind that my price compares to a near wholesale price of the hammer of other producers.
Price is not everything but you are welcome to arrange a visit to my shop and try it out to see the possibilities of this fundamental tool.

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75 lb blacksmith's air hammer, blacksmith power hammer or trip hammer. This is a side view of the air hammer, and
gives you an overview of the machine.
This is a Kinyon style of hammer. This air hammer requires a separate compressor that can provide 10 cfm at 90 or 100 psi. I have run it on a smaller compressor but any serious work will have the compressor running beyond its duty cycle.

The basic principle of the Kinyon air hammer is that there is a constant air source supplied. By depressing the foot valve air pressure is exhausted and creates an imbalance in the air pressure on the two sides of the piston.

The more the foot valve is opened the greater the imbalance and the farther and faster the air cylinder moves. Once the air cylinder has moved a specified distance it trips a pilot switch which in turn causes the control valve to shift. Once the control valve shifts position it tells the air cylinder to change its direction of travel.
Flat Dies for air hammer, Trip Hammer. Eventually the cylinder again trips the pilot switch starting the whole process over again. Attached to the air cylinder is the hammer head weight (75 lb block of steel). The rest of the machine is basically framework to hold everything together.

I have chosen to use air cylinders with 1" piston rod instead of the usual 3/4 in for the extra durability. The dies are S7 and are 2 inches high and 2 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches long. The top die bolts into the head weight, where as the bottom die bolts on the anvil post.
Air hammer plumbing showing the pneumatic switches. The actual plumbing is a little different from what Ron Kinyon designed. I have found this works well allowing an easily adjustable striking force.

The total weight of the machine is about 1200 lbs. and is designed with flanges at the base for easy pick up with a fork lift. This machine is suitable in a shop that wants to take the next step above hand smithing with a minimal cost.

This is not a Kuhn hammer and shouldn't
be expected to perform as one.

The following video shows a few of the techniques that I use on this air hammer. There are many more ways to use this tool but the video will get you thinking of some possibilities. the video is about 9.5 minutes long and is 75 Mb in size so it will take awhile to download. If you are on dial up it may take a couple of hours.

This is a light hammer but can do a remarkable amount of work especially with the addition of specialty dies and tools.
The one I have in my shop was a 75 lb early model and it is my right hand. I use it for all the heavy draw outs as well as for pointing small hooks made from 1/4 inch rod.

The 75 lb will work 1 1/2 square stock fairly comfortably. I have worked 2 inch square (almost twice the recommended material) although it moved it it was slow going.
In my shop I am typically using 1 inch square and down. I do keep tinkering with the design and may change slightly from the photographs as I make improvements.
I welcome people to make an appointment to come to my shop and test the hammer out. It is very easy to get the hang of and often working with it answers many questions.
I make these hammers as they are ordered so there is some possibility of slight custom design changes.

My January 2008 newsletter is devoted to use of this air hammer. If you wish to read more information about the air hammer just click on
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Head Weight 75 lbs
Overall Weight 1200 lbs
Height 7 ft
Foot Print 24 in x 30 in
Recommended Air Source 10 cfm at 90 psi
Strokes Per minute (max) 180
Max recommended bar size 1.5 in x 1.5 in
Recommended Air Pressure 90 to 120 Psi
Die size 2" high x 2" wide x 3.5" long
Die Material S7
(All specifications are approximate and depend some what on availability.)

Price $4500.00 Cnd at my shop plus appropriate taxes. ( price depends on availability and current component prices. I will supply you with a current quote.)

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