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By David Robertson

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My name is David Robertson and I have been blacksmithing for over 20 years now. Part way through those 20 years I discovered that doing all this work by hand was extremely tough. A blacksmith air hammer or a power hammer was the solution for me.

I looked around for alternatives. The traditional solution was to have an apprentice, but that wasn't practical for me.

I settled on building an Air Hammer from scratch. At the time I couldn't afford to buy a Kuhn air hammer and didn't have the space to put it. A small Air Hammer offered affordability and customization.

75 LB Air Hammer, Completed Power Hammer

After I built my first air hammer I discover what a great tool it was and that I couldn't live with out it. It was such an incredible tool that I though other blacksmiths should have one as well. So I started building them for my local blacksmith community.

I have altered my original plans several times since then and have now compiled them into this manual, which is now available to you online as a downloadable ebook.

With the 75 LB Air Hammer Construction Manual you will be able to:

  • Save several thousand $ dollars on this machine!!!
  • Build it to your specifications.
  • Understand the actual workings so you can fix any problems that may come up.
  • Save the physical wear and tear on your body. 
  • You will be able to create more intricate forged work with many new techniques.
  • Work larger bar with out getting as tired.
  • Be faster at production so you can make more money.
Many reasons to build your own air hammer.

A large number of my website members have asked me to provide a set of plans for the air hammer. Many live far away where shipping of the machine would be expensive and difficult.

I felt it was unfair to only offer people on the other side of the world these air hammer construction plans. So I am offering them to everyone in all countries.

Please be aware before you buy these Air Hammer Plans that to construct this machine:
  • You will have to be a decent welder. 
  • You will have to be mechanically inclined as you will be fitting parts to your personal specifications. 
  • You do not have to have a machine shop, but you will need typical power tools found in a blacksmith shop.
  • You will need about two weeks to construct this machine.
  • There are some heavy parts and you will need to be able to move them around.
Air Hammer dies at 45 degrees. This orientation of the power hammer dies provides better work access.
Air Hammer Dies Set at 45 Degrees.

Air Hammer roller valve placement.
Roller Valve Activation Configuration

Air Hammer Foot peddle sample.
Sample Foot Peddle Configuration

Customer responses.

I recently ordered and received your self-made Air Hammer plans and wanted you to know that I found it extremely well written, it's easy to follow and everything is explained in detail.

I just wanted to give you positive feedback on this item. I am very glad I found your site and enjoy receiving your newsletters and watching the videos online. It is all very helpful.

I've only been a member a short time and have given information to my friends and colleagues that are also blacksmithing.

Wayne Cates

The Video below shows some of the things that you can do with this air hammer.

To Buy the Air Hammer Plans

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You will need Adobe Reader to veiw the document in its pdf format. Adobe reader is a free download and can be obtained here.

After you have a copy of Adobe Reader you will easily be able to veiw the document and save it to a location on your computer. The file is about 2.12 Mb in size and download time will vary with your connection speed. I live in the country with only dial up available and it takes me about 6 minutes to download it. Of course with high speed and it will only be a few moments.

75 LB Air Hammer Construction Manual Now for the regular price of $47.00 US by clicking the link.


Download 75 LB Air Hammer Construction Manual Now for the members price of $37.00 US by clicking this link.
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If you have questions about the ebook please email me at:
Contact Me
David Robertson
Artist Blacksmith

P.S. I have been using variations of this Power Hammer in my shop for over 13 years now. It is my right hand in the shop. This machine has saved me 1000's of hours of work and it has made smithing fun again! I will use the air hammer for everything from drawing out 1/4 inch round to drawing out 1.5 inch square bar and more.

P.P.S. I was recently discussing the air hammer with a friend of mine and did some quick calculations. The first air hammer I built was in 1996. Since then I have gone through (rough estimate) 3 million hits with it!

That is 3 million hits that my arm did not have to do. More actually because more work gets done on each hit with the air hammer.

3 million hits that my arms and joints and shoulders did not have to take! Obviously you can start to see the benefit of using this machine. It was a bit of an eye opener. 3 million is hugely significant.

Good Smithing!

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Don't Worry It Will Get Sorted Out!


copyright David Robertson


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