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My name is David Robertson and I have been smithing for over 20 years now. In this time I have made numerous propane gas forges and always tinkering with the design, trying to improve economics and ease of construction.

In 2006 I recorded my
Gas Forge Construction dvd This dvd gives detailed construction of an atmospheric pipe propane gas forge. An atmospheric forge requires no electricity and relies on a venturi effect. The video has been a successful seller.

I always felt a little awkward learning from video. For some things such as seeing and hearing hammering techniques it is very valuable, but I also see the benefit in having a manual or a set of gas forge plans that I can print off pages and refer to.

So now I have written The Gas Forge Construction Manual. This downloadable ebook details step by step gas forge plans for construction of two propane gas forges for blacksmiths and knifemakers. The first is the atmospheric pipe forge described in the dvd. The second is a blower driven box forge with a radically different construction.

As a Blacksmith Forge

The propane forges described are both suitable for blacksmithing work. As a blacksmith gas forge the atmospheric forge is a good starter gas forge. Interior size is 12 inches long and 6 inches wide 6 inches high. You can do a lot of heating of metal in this size of space but you do get creative in figuring out how to put odd shaped steel in the forge chamber.

The blower box propane gas forge is more versatile, but a little less thermally efficient. I use a prototype of this style of forge as my main production gas forge. It allows me to open the side and put a very complex shaped bar in for heating. This versatility is what attracted me to the design.

As a Knifemakers Forge

The pipe forge works very well as a knifemakers forge as you are making long straight shapes. The extra insulation also makes it easier to gas forge weld.

The Blower Box forge can be used for knifemaking as well. You will be able to forge weld in it as well but you must be more skilled at forge welding in this style of forge. It will take practice.

The Gas Forge Construction Manual

  • Saves you money by constructing it yourself.
  • Gives you the knowledge to trouble shoot your forge.
  • Gives you an intimate understanding of the construction details.
  • Allows you to modify the gas forges to build bigger or specialty forges.
  • You save the shipping cost of the dvd.
  • You have access to the book immediately after payment.

The book is 83 pages long and has over 90 detailed photos on the two forges. You will find suppliers that will ship the required propane forge parts directly to you.

The Gas Forge Plans Cover

  • Chamber Construction
  • Insulation
  • Coating Materials
  • Orifice Construction
  • Burner Construction
  • Tuning the Burner
  • Initial Firing
  • Parts List and Suppliers
  • Safety
  • For both the Atmospheric and Blower Propane Forges

The e book is in pdf format so you can easily read it on you computer. You may also print off selected sections for your personal use. 

Please be aware, you use any information in this book at your own risk!

The following photos are some samples of what you will find in the ebook.

gas forge plans, pipe forge

Gas Forge Plans, drilling gas forge burner hole

Gas Forge Plans, box forge with blower

Gas Forge Plans, detail of tapping propane burner

Other Uses of The Gas Forge Plans

With a little adaptation either of the propane gas forges described will melt bronze, brass, copper,or silver for casting. You may become skilled with its use and be able to braze with it, or created Mokume (fused patterned copper and brass).

It really is my primary heat source, oh yes the gas forge also helps to heat the shop in the winter!

What one of my customers had to say.

Hello David,
Several months ago I purchased your book on building a gas forge.  We then exchanged emails about what modifications I should make because I live at 4000 feet altitude. 

Enclosed are two pictures of the forge I built with the air blower burner. I am a blacksmith at the California Empire Mine State Park.  I also receive your newsletters. 

Thank you for a very detailed plan that successfully led me through building a forge.  The forge works well at my altitude with the blower.  I made both burners and find that the air blower makes a big difference. Thank you again for your help.  I enjoy your educational videos and look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

Jon Borad

To Buy the Gas Forge Construction Manual

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You will need Adobe Reader to view the document in its pdf format. Adobe reader is a free download and can be obtained here.

After you have a copy of Adobe Reader you will easily be able to view the document and save it to a location on your computer. The file is about 5 Mb in size and download time will vary with your connection speed. I live in the country with only dial up available and it takes me about 6 minutes to download it. Of course with high speed and it will only be a few moments.

Gas Forge Construction Manual Now for the regular price of $25.00 US by clicking the link.


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If you have questions about the ebook please Contact Me 
David Robertson
Artist Blacksmith

p.s. I have been using variations of these forges for over 10 years now and have had great success with them. Relatively easy to build with minimal skills of welding, drilling and cutting steel. Low cost with all the parts costing about $200.00 new. If you are good at scroungeing cost can be much less.

Good Smithing!

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