Custom Wrought Iron Work
by Ontario Artist Blacksmith
David Robertson

Hand Forged Wrought Iron Furniture, Window Grills,
Tables, Sculptural Artwork, Garden Gates...

Custom Wrought IronWork is the most interesting part of blacksmithing, for me. Each project and customer has an unique set of challenges and requirements that have to be addresed.

In Ontario there are only a few blacksmiths that do custom forged wrought iron work. I suggest that you contact those that have a style of iron work that you like (for more examples of my style of work click here to see my gallery) for a quote on your particular project.

Custom wrought iron work, for me involves sitting down with the client and looking at designs and doing a few sketches. When I sit down and do actual designs based on measurements there is $200.00 CND min. charge. This charge is taken off the project price when the project is given the go ahead. A 50 % nonrefundable deposit is required for the start of any custom wrought ironwork project. The remaining 50 % is due upon delivery. All art work and designs remain my sole property and all designs are Copyright.

The custom wrought iron I make typically includes Furniture, Garden Gates, Window Grills, Fireplace Screens, Home Accents, Sculptural Artwork and much more.  See my Gallery of  Forged Iron Work for more pictures.

Currently I limit the size of the custom piece of work to what I can move around by myself. This only makes sense since I am a one man shop.

There is a rich design potential with hand forged blacksmithing techniques. I invite you to contact me with specifications for a quote on your wrought iron work or provide me with a general idea of what one of a kind iron work you are looking for and I will design to those requirements.

                                  Forged Steel Consul Table Custom Ironwork Serving Table

Custon Iron Work Garden Gate

Classical lines may suit your taste, or you may have a preference for more organic forms that can only truly be created working the steel hot from the forge.

What ever your preferance send me an
email and I will see if I can help you.

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Artist Blacksmith
David Robertson

R.R. #2 Cargill, Ontario, Canada,
519 366 2334

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