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New! Fundamentals of Blacksmithing Ebook
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Over the years I have found a need for videos which clearly explain the construction of various tools and techniques related to blacksmithing. Many people have added to the available knowledge base through video.

My intent is provide a video which gives clear instructions on its particular topic. The videos are not created by a professional videographer but by myself. The videos will be on various topics and new titles will be added as I have time to create them.

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Gas Forge Construction DVD

(Temporarily unavailable)
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$35.00 CAD
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Duration: 136 minutes

(Temporarily Unavailable.)

Up Dated Product!
This dvd shows the construction of a simple atmospheric pipe forge
that can be built with a few tools such as drill press and welder. This
is an excellent starter forge and the dvd provides information for scaling up for larger forges when you need

Complete information on chamber constuction, burner construction, orifice construction, insulation, coating, tuning the burner and initial firing. The video includes parts list and suppliers that will ship. The dvd
also describes how to alter the plans to create a different style of forge or a multi-burner forge.

2 hours and 16 minutes long and packed with information. I have been using a modified version of this forge in my shop for 10 years now.

This video contains all the information to make a propane gas fired forge.

Use at your own risk!

(Please note this product is temporarily unavailable but I do have plans to re-video the sequence and offer it as a downloadable file. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

Propane Gas Forge dvd plans.
Build your own propane
                                  gas forge dvd plans.


You May also be interested in my

Gas Forge Construction Manual Ebook

This downloadable ebook contains all the information that the dvd does plus it describes in detail the construction of a second type of forge.

Gas Forge Plans
                                                Ebook Cover ImageWith 83 pages of step by step photos, it leads you through full construction of the two forges. 

The advantage of the ebook is you can download it immediately after paying and there are no shipping charges!

It depends if you learn best from a dvd or if you are the type of person who likes to read step by step instructions. You can also print out the ebook and use it in the shop as you build your forge.

Again as always Use at Your Own Risk

For more information on the ebook just click on Gas Forge Construction Manual.

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