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Bladesmithing is an important part of blacksmithing. The cultural importance of knives goes back to the earliest dawn of humans as tool users. The knife is a fundamental tool in ancient or modern lives. Knives have been simple sharp tools for everyday use or elevated to art forms that incorporate precious metals and stones.

Knife Making has moved beyond craft to become, in some cases, sculptural art.

With the various knife making courses that David offers, he hopes to teach the fundamentals of bladesmithing to give the student the best foundation for more advance bladesmithing and more experimental knife making. With knife making attention to detail becomes of critical importance. Although not difficult forging techniques, the use of alloy steels require a high level of precision in execution.

The general focus is on the correct hot forging of the blade with various grinding techniques to produce a one of a kind functional knife that the student can use. .

"I invite you to take a look at my current bladesmithing and knife making course offerings! If you don't see something that fits your schedule let me know and we will see what we can arrange. All classes are taught at my workshop in Cargill."

Introductory Knife Making Course

Regular Price $650.00 CND
Includes HST
Members Price $600.00 CND
Includes HST

Fri. 6 pm to 9 pm
Sat. and Sun.9 am to 5 pm

Knives are a fundamental tool in our lives whether it be inHand
                                                    forged knife created
                                                    in Introductory
                                                    Knife Making Course our kitchens, workshops, or on hunting trips. I have had many requests for a knife making work shop and have usually suggested people do some blacksmithing first. There is a need for hammer control and an appreciation for the narrow temperature range that the tool steel must be worked at and these things do require time to grasp.

It is recommended that you have some past forging experience, but I will try to accommodate those that have no experience as well. This course will concentrate on blade formation and heat treating, with less emphasis on grinding. Some grinding will be involved but it will not be the main focus. I hope each student will be able to complete 2 knives at least to the point that they can finish them at home. This will of course depend on experience and ability.

The 2 knives will be a Hidden Tang blade shape of your disign with guidance and a Full Tang blade shape of your design with guidance with pined slab handles. These projects may change without notice. With this course I expect that you can do some limited wood working at home with simple hand tools to finish the blades. My goal is to have all the metal work done.

Carbon Steel
                                                  Forged Knife from
                                                  Knife Making Course

Stainless Steel
                                                  Fillet Knife

Dates for Intro Knife Making Course

Dates for 2022
Feb. 4,5,6
March 18,19,20
May 13,14,15
June 10,11,12
Nov. 25,26,27

Dates for 2023
Jan. 20,21,22


Advanced Knife Making

Regular Price $650.00
Including HST
Members Price $600.00
Including HST

Friday 6 pm to 9 pm
Sat. and Sun. 9 am to 5 pm

This course is limted to two people and
is dedicated to the production of two completeStainless Steel
                                                    Integral Bolster
                                                    Kitchen Knife
integral bolster knives.
This includes forging, primary grinding
primary sanding, heat treating,
secondary sanding, scale wood handles, 
finish sanding.

Previous experience with forging hot metal and making of knives even if just stock removal is required.

My goal is to have the students focus on the details of design and solid craftsmanship to produce complete hand forged knives of their own design that include integral bolsters. This course concentrates on sanding techniques appropriate to fit and finish of the knives and the handles.

Dates for 2023
To Be Arranged at our Mutual Convenience

One Day Specialty Blacksmithing Classes | Courses!

For $350.00 per day per student I will teach specific techniques and while the student is
practicing I will be working on my own projects. Times to be arranged
at our mutual convenience. Additional material charges possible.

For $550.00 per day I will work on your particular project with your help.

Other dates may be arranged for 2 or more people.

For blacksmithing and bladesmithing / Knife Making classes deposits and final payments I now accept Pay Pal and email funds transfers as well as the usual cash, cheque or Visa. 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.

Items can be paid for by Pay Pal or Visa or Master card over the phone. Please
contact me for availability of courses.

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