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Artist Blacksmith Forged Ironwork
                              Table Sculpture image.

Blacksmithing Since 1987

I have been operating The Hammer and Tongs blacksmithing business in Ontario since 1987, and I have taught courses in blacksmithing and knife making as well as performed many demonstrations for the public. These blacksmithing classes are well received by all partcipants.

A large part of my current work is custom wrought iron work for customers in southern Ontario. Another area of interest for me is building air hammers and gas forges as blacksmithing supplies for the smithing community. These forging hammers allow a small one man shop to be competive in a mass produced world.

I previously used blacksmith coal but now have switched over to propane almost exclusively for my blacksmith forge. Most of my work is done on a double horn European anvil. The quality of the tool shows in the quality of work. Through the ages the blacksmith has had many roles to fill. He was a tool maker, a weapons maker, and an artist. Today the role of the blacksmith has not changed but I prefer to concentrate on the art work.

David at
                              Orangeville, blacksmithing on double horn
                              anvil, in period costume.
Since I first discovered the art of the blacksmith, some 20 years ago now, I have tried to educate people on the details of this remarkable profession. Each blacksmith student gets a dose of my philosophy of how the metal behaves and what can be accomplished with it.

Customers discover the beauty of the forged steel as well as the practical nature of the finished piece. The smithing craft, I find, is based on subtlety not on brute force. I am always coaxing the ironwork to shape, not forcing it. It is more of a gentle persistent process than an aggressive one.


Look through the following pages and discover another facet of the blacksmithing craft.

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Forged Garden Gate, Forged organic
                                shapes steel forms shaped by blacksmith
                                David Robertson.Custom work varys from art nouveau such as this gate to historical reproductions of cooking and camp utensils for re-enactors. Supplies of this nature are often hard to find at a reasonable cost.


                                  Serving Table, Hot worked in gas
                                  forge, hammered to shape on anvil.The last few years furniture has become one of the most sought after forged items. Classic lines such as this table add a touch of elegance to a customer's dinning room.

If you care to look through the
Hand Forged Ironwork Gallery you will find examples of style and form that may compliment your personal decor. I welcome inquiries for custom work and can design to your specifications or work from your designs.

I have also started an educational blacksmith video series. These blacksmithing videos include Gas Forge Construction, and soon to be released will be a series on blacksmithing techniques.


                                  Sculpted Wizard Hook, demonstrated in
                                  intermediate blacksmith class.The hot steel allows the sculpture of faces or flowers as well as many other forms. There are few other mediums that are as durable as forged steel.

Although time consuming the added details that are possible from working the metal hot add life and character to each hand forged piece. I pride myself on being able to create one of a kind work that will last far longer than I will.


Please feel free to look around the site and see what interests you. I also welcome general or technical questions about smithing. If I don't have the answers I will try to point you in the right direction. Keep in mind that my primary job is to forge the pieces so I am not always on the computer but will try to reply at least in a few days.

Hand Forged Genisis
                                    Wall Sculpture

The "Genisis" Sculpture is one of a kind wall sculpture 70 inches high by 20 inches wide. It was recently on display at Joseph Schneider Haus museum in Kitchener Ontario.  Inquiries.


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